Microbe Biome Ambience

I searched the forums and realized we didn’t have a thread for planning the ambience tracks for the Microbe Stage Biomes. This is a thread to center the discussion.

On discord we discussed updating the current ambience tracks with some newer and more realistic tracks. We also discussed the idea of creating unique ambience tracks for each biome. Here’s a list with ideas for each track:

Coastal Biomes (Tidepool, Coastal, Estuary, Rivers)

  • Shallow water flowing
  • Soft bubbling
  • Wind?

Underwater Caverns (Cavern)

  • Deep water flowing
  • Cavern echoing
  • Soft bubbling

Ocean Biomes (Epipelagic, Mesopelagic, Bathypelagic, Seafloor)

  • Deep water flowing
  • Underwater echoes / reverb
  • Infrequent bubbling


  • Deep water flowing
  • Underwater echoes
  • Eerie silences

Hydrothermal Vents (Vents)

  • Frequent bubbling
  • Muted explosions (since they’re underwater)
  • Deep water flowing

And below are some inspirations of tracks that capture a sense of deep sea ambience really well:

Feel free to post any thoughts on the design of the ambience tracks, or any of your attempts to create them!


One current limitation from the programming side is that there’s no way currently to make ambience tracks play in a specific biome. It’s only possible to add tracks to the general ambiance list which is played.

Ah okay, how difficult would it be to add that in. In any case, we could create and collect the ambient tracks for now, so that we have them once we add that functionality.

You could use some middleware to manage audio (FMod and Wwise are the main ones) it’s easy to implement into programming.

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Overall it wouldn’t be that difficult, but needs some redesigning on the system. So it needs a bit involved programming changes, which is something that not many programmers beside me have done recently.

Thrive is open source software, GPL licensed. It can’t be combined with closed source, proprietary software like that.

We use the Godot engine. And because I don’t want to compile native code for Windows,Mac, and Linux we can’t use native code modules not bundled in with Godot.