Updating Cilia

I have the Cilia code working for 0.3.4. Is the old Cilia code updated to be current? If not, could I push it up to now?


One thing I would like to point out: the plan was to have a layer of cilia as a shader placed over the cell membrane (a periphery organelle). The argument was that in real life, cells never have isolated patches of cilia, but coverings over their whole membrane:

I believe the current cilia-related code means cilia work as flagella do, i.e. a single hex of organelle. I’m not sure what the current consensus is, and I can’t find the old discussion we had on it, so we might as well make that decision now.


So would/should cilia be like a cell wide trait you can enable with a check box in some extra menu? And not an organelle that is placed.

Something like that, though it’s probably gonna be more upgradeable and configurable than just a checkbox.

That’s the idea. The player would be given a selection of possible periphery organelles (cilia, lamellipodia, engulfing ability) and can only pick one at a time. Changing or upgrading them would be made possible by spending MP.

Here’s the previous discussion Organelle Models

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Yes I definitely want membrane wide cilia like everyone too. Currently, it may be better to do a hex until someone does a shader.

I have determined this method of implementing the cilia organelle into the customization menu, potentially with other additions as well.
Similar to selecting membrane types, players will be able to select various integumentary structures to further adapt their cell. (Ex: Varieties of cilium or pseudopodia.)

Varieties of celluar integuments and basic attributes:
No attributes.

Motile Cilia:

+Engulfment Effectiveness

Chosen Integuments may be tweaked by the use of a Length Slider.
This slider adjusts the length of the cell’s integuments. Longer integuments = Better speed, turning speed and potentially more effective engulfment at the cost of more atp.

These effects seem pretty similar to me. Why have two sliders? Couldn’t one speed and effectiveness / ATP do the job just as well?

Hmmm you know, you’re right. I suppose I need to fix that. Looking back, DPh Kraken had told me two sliders might be too much as well but it seems I had forgotten that.

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