Updating Cilia


I have the Cilia code working for 0.3.4. Is the old Cilia code updated to be current? If not, could I push it up to now?


One thing I would like to point out: the plan was to have a layer of cilia as a shader placed over the cell membrane (a periphery organelle). The argument was that in real life, cells never have isolated patches of cilia, but coverings over their whole membrane:

I believe the current cilia-related code means cilia work as flagella do, i.e. a single hex of organelle. I’m not sure what the current consensus is, and I can’t find the old discussion we had on it, so we might as well make that decision now.


So would/should cilia be like a cell wide trait you can enable with a check box in some extra menu? And not an organelle that is placed.


Something like that, though it’s probably gonna be more upgradeable and configurable than just a checkbox.


That’s the idea. The player would be given a selection of possible periphery organelles (cilia, lamellipodia, engulfing ability) and can only pick one at a time. Changing or upgrading them would be made possible by spending MP.


Here’s the previous discussion Organelle Models


Yes I definitely want membrane wide cilia like everyone too. Currently, it may be better to do a hex until someone does a shader.